Stormbreakers – Battle of The Bands

In four upcoming events to take place in July four bands will perform in a ‘Battle of the Bands’ along with a headline act to earn the chance to win a place in the final in August with the ultimate reward being a slot at Winterstorm Festival in November. The overal winner will feature alongside the likes of Inglorious, Mason Hill, Anchor Lane, Hollowstar, Sons of Liberty and many more great bands.

Newcastle venue Trillians hosts the first heat and features Thieves of Liberty, Bastette, Electric Black and Fallen Mafia.

The event will be headlined by Tomorrow Is Lost.

The second heat in Bathgate will take place at DreadnoughtRock and sees Victorius, Stormchaser, Bastyon and Bad Actress compete.

The event will be headlined by Tomorrow Is Lost.

Heat three takes place at Waterbear in Brighton and taking part are Caine, Stone Angels, White Raven Down and Skinny Knowledge.

Headlining this heat will be JOANovARC.

The fourth and final heat takes place in Fuel Rock Club in Cardiff and will feature the likes of Black Lakes, Steal The City, Ravenbreed and Cry For Mercy.

Headliners for theis event will be Everyday Heroes.

The final will take place in Bathgate on the 28th August 2021.

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