Bad Actress – Red Hot

So it seems Bad Actress have a new single out called ‘Red Hot’ and it’s the first single and title track from their upcoming album, it would be rude not to give it a spin.

From the moment the opening guitar kicks in and the drum beat follows we’re on board for a fast paced ride back to the 80’s as the vocals of Vinnie Vexx bring back that distinctive sound and style.
Glam infused you can imagine the scene on stage with long hair bouncing as heads bang with a performance to match the unrelenting music.

It’s a bit of all the 80’s bands of the scene but put through a blender that has you jumping round the room playing air guitar wishing you had longer hair and then there’s the almost unexpected groovy slow-down for the guitar solo that’s just plain bad ass, in fact filthy. It’s great.

Red to green no inbetween, god damn yes.

Listen Here Now:

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