Sons of Liberty -Aces & Eights – The Review

Sons of Liberty

The UK’s south west very own hard rockers, Sons of Liberty announce their sophomore deadly hitting, bourbon smoked new album, ‘Aces & Eights’. “There’s something here for all rock fans,’ says frontman Rob Cooksley “we take what we do seriously, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. That’s what rock n roll is all about!”

Groove laden rockers abound include lead single ‘Damaged Reputation’ (by Rowe Films), of which the video was shot amidst the recent Bristol Bridewell police station riots. “There we are, all dressed as convicts, shooting a video, and all hell breaks loose!” chuckles Rob. “No matter how well you live your life, in my experience there is always someone who is out to make things difficult for you, in work, family and relationships. That’s what this song is about.”

The album is on general release on Friday June 18th.

The Review

The opening song Ruby Starr is a groovy, but sadness laden number based on the life of country singer Ruby Starr who died at the tender age of 45.  With a sumptuous southern sounding vibe and a somewhat catchy chorus which you find yourself singing it builds to a glorious solo and haunting guitar as the drums bring an end to a wonderful tribute.

Things are slowed down a bit for Don’t Hide Behind Your Weakness with the vocals of Rob sounding awesome, garnished with a great solo and a toe tapping bassline to boot.

Black Blizzard is a rock/blues/ballad mix of a song with some lovely sounding guitar work which in parts is so perfectly accompanying to the voice of Rob. A thumping drumbeat leads us into the tongue in cheek Beef Jerky Boogie a fast paced and lyrically great song which always brings a smile to the face. Who says you can’t have a bit of fun?

Damaged Reputation starts with purpose and chugs along like a train, the concise drums and guitars seemingly clearing a path for the powerful vocal work by Rob.  This is a great song.

With a deceptively slow start Texas Hill Country suddenly kicks it up a gear for the verses as we slip back down south. The chorus is just so simple but it’s just so apt it’s so god damn earworm material as you’ll realise as it pops into your head unannounced.

Fire & Gasoline is when we see the full vocal talents of Rob let loose in layers on the song which is a speedier and certainly heavier number.  A smack in the face for any doubters of the bands vocal or musical abilities.

Doc’s Remedy is another cheeky, fun and lyrically brilliant song with all the extra vocal garnishes included but it’s so good and moreish, you can’t listen to it once.  As Rob says ‘we take what we do seriously, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun’.  This song is just that fun, but catchy and different but in the best possible way.

Where on earth do you begin with I Come In Peace? Now this is a smooth, cracking ballad with an epic, epic singalong beast of a chorus.  This is full on lighters in the air beauty with all the bells and whistles and a dash of whiskey.  The solo sends shivers down your spine.  This song is worth the money spent on the album alone.

Dead Man’s Hand gives us the cigar smoke filled atmosphere of a saloon card game with a blues feel and some lovely guitar work that is especially noticeable through headphones. The drumbeat takes you into Lights Are On which is a heavy rock song driven along by the changing beats of the drums which are glorious.  It builds and draws you in and then repeats, wonderful.

The album sadly closes with Whiskey Is My Vaccine a fun, slow, bluesy number that is again another lyrically genius song, sang perfectly and belched impeccably with a tasty musical side serving of glorious guitars and drums.


Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the album but it’s an album that has everything from the amazing ballad of I Come In Peace, the freight train this is Damaged Reputation to the more light hearted songs.  I have a feeling the guys enjoyed making this album and it shows.  This album is one hell of a work of musical art that is both beautifully written and presented.  Sons of Liberty have well and truly got the winning hand with this beast.  Best served with a shot of whiskey and beef jerky I suppose.  I might have been slow to the table but deal me in boys, deal me in!

A very strong 9/10. Buy it, play it, love it.

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