Ethyrfield – In Delirium – Review

Prog rockers Ethyrfield released their deubt album ‘In Delirium’ this week so I decided to fire it up on a miserable rainy Saturday morning and see what it is all about.

From the start this is a beautiful sounding album that’s well put together and the music is sublime, Laying on of Hands, a gorgeous song, is a perfect example, simple plucked strings in one moment through to soaring melodies in another all accompanied by a voice that sounds timeless.

Delirium is another beauty of a song that glides along effortlessly for 6 minutes of listening pleasure and sounds like it could have been written at any time over the last 40 years.
It’s hard to pick out ‘best’ songs on this album as the songs are all an example of beautiful guitar arrangement and the vocals of Zach are absolutely perfect on songs like Sunstroke, which is fantastic.

Overgrown is another awesome example of Ethyrfields great music writing with it’s almost unplugged style beginning and even Alice In Chains style undertones leading to flourish of solo guitar.
Remembering is another simply great song that soars along on a musical magic carpet, racing through the middle part before slowing down and coasting home with vocal and musical majesty.

Bitter Wishbone closes the album and in seems more prog in some places and more rock in other parts with even dare I say an alternative, grungy feel and finishes of a great album with a flourish.

It appears that 2021 is giving us a feast of wonderful albums and ‘In Delirium’ is certainly on that list. It’s such an glorious listen and is an album that you can put on and just sit, listen and chill for the whole 50 minutes and 8 seconds!

If you like a bit of prog rock then give these guys some support and buy the album, it’s out on vinyl and is worth every penny.

9/10. Proving that prog rock has a more than healthy future. Musical magic and the reason why you should buy vinyl in 2021.

If you want to buy the album, which you should then go here

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