Jack J Hutchinson – Call Of The Wild

Today sees the release of the first of 3 singles before the realease of the new album ‘The Hammer Falls’ in early 2022.

Call of The Wild is a heavy guitar based track and features a sumptuous string bending solo from the man himself on the monster that is the WyldeAudio Warhammer as can be seen in the 4k video released at the same time.

Jack comments on the darkly tinged song, β€œThe track was written in the winter of 2020 as the country went back into lockdown. It is a reflection on dual personalities, and how the events of the last year have forced us to confront our inner selves. It suggests some of us may not like what we have found, and this battle with our inner demons is as real as the external ones.”

A great song and definately one for the vinyl collection as it is available in a limited run of 250 split coloured red and black 7″ vinyls, signed by Jack himself.


Don’t forget ‘The Hammer Falls’ tour begins in October and you can catch Jack, with support from Firekind at a number of dates.

The second single ‘Straight To Hell’, which is a belter of a song is due for release at the end of October.

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