Down Amongst The Bones – The Last Night

So for my latest review I’m going to be listening to the Down Amongst The Bones album The Last Night.  This album was put together by Fallen Mafia drummer Adas Cowan over the lockdown period when we were all stuck at home and live music was but a distant memory.

Let’s do this….

Opening track ‘Welcome’ instantly reminds me and has a feel of Rob Zombie about it and having been a big fan of White Zombie and now Rob Zombie as a solo artist this isn’t a bad thing.  It’s a track that makes you more that interested in what little gems this album holds in store.

Title track ‘the Last Night’ starts things off nicely as the proper full track on the album, weirdly the intro to the song sounds a bit like P!nk in a way.  The vocals fit nicely with the music and I like the slow and heavy feel to the song.

And strangely enough ‘Point It Up’ the third track is a gem.  I love the beginning of this track it’s so simple yet so good and it’s not long before it gets heavier and the narration style lyrics commence.  A very industrial/alternative rock feel to this track.

Shotgun takes things in a slightly different direction with a more alternative Prodigy-esque and maybe even some daft Punk type of feel to it and dare I say it something you would even hear people say was dance/techno in a way.

Another good catchy tune is ‘Interlude (wake up)’ which is one of those songs where the hook will have you humming it over and over again in your head… ear worm stuff.

Some good bass leads us into Yo DJ! And we find ourselves in the midst of another heavier industrial sounding song before a robotic sounding vocal intro and then we are back in prodigy-esque territory again with ‘We Go Boom Boom’.  There are hints of dance/techno to this song as well but the heavier side of the song is most prominent.

Rev.13 has another solid heavy song intro and a song that’ll have you nodding your head as it goes on and the vocal breaks add an extra something to the song as well.  Catchy.

‘Road Rage’ is a heavy bassy number switching us back to a more industrial feel before the awesome Hey Yeah Baby! This is another gem on the album that’ll get you with the heavy industrial feel and the switches to non heavy and then back again. 


For an album that was completely put together with zero budget using free software during lockdown this is good.  In a way it should inspire others to think… I can do that… and why shouldn’t you… hell even I thought for a minute… maybe I could..

I like this album and will certainly be listening to it again as it’s good music but I can’t help but think that the one thing that it has missing is some actual proper singing maybe.  Having said that I still love a lot of the tracks especially the likes of Point It Up, Rev.13, The Last Night and Hey Yeah Baby!

If you are a fan of Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails and Prodigy then this is something for you.

I’m going to give this an Excell Rocks review score of 7/10.

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