Planet Fatale – The Cycle Repeats

I saw Planet Fatale at the B2 Venue in Norwich having heard none of their songs beforehand as I wanted to experience them live and fresh.

The first thing you notice is the voice of Hels, which is epic and the music is awesome with some outstanding guitar work and drums thrown into the mix. They also do a very good Black Sabbath cover!

The Review

With Planet Fatale what you see is what you get, hard and heavy. Frontwoman Hels has an awesome, powerful voice and opening track Talking To Myself is an indication of what to expect in an effective guitar led number.

86 is another heavy number with chugging guitars and more sumptuous solo work which leads us nicely into Break For You, which is an awesome song that slows things down an showcases the great vocals of Hels that seemlessly blend with the guitars and drums.

Shotgun Riders is another stand out song that’s also fantastic live with booming drums and killer guitars.

Violation with it’s drum led intro is a slower, heavy number all be it for a fast paced section towards the end.

Fight Club, for which a video has just been released, steams along for the opening couple of minutes before briefly slowing down before a delightful guitar solo kicks in, and then it’s straight back in your face.

Smash My Face starts with a glorious and calming guitar based intro before the awesome vocals kick in on what is another stand out song that brings a bit of heavy as does the great Working Girl that swiftly follows it up and is a pretty awesome song and yet again a stand out track.

Closing tracks Bleed, which has an intermingling of slow and fast parts with thumping drums leads into 2mm which flies along with it’s screaming vocals before the slow and heavy ending.

In Review

If you like your music a little bit heavier but also like to hear some awesome vocals and need some air guitar material then this is most certainly for you. Having met the band at a recent show I can confirm that they are a great bunch and are an awesome live band and a great bunch.

Excell Rocks gives the album 9/10.

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