Jack J Hutchinson live @ Brickmakers Norwich

October 21st saw Jack J Hutchinson hit Norwich on his The Hammer Falls tour supported by Firekind and Excell Rocks were there as well.

First on stage were Firekind and opening the set with the powerful Adrenalin it’s not hard to see why brothers Dan & Jas won the Global Battle of The Bands competition to be crowned Best New Band In The World!  Do I even need to remind you of the fact that Jas was Guitar Magazine Guitarist of the Year as well?

The brothers have a look of sheer enjoyment as they blast through the songs with Mitch perched on his stool at the back of the stage, arms flailing and hair flying as he beats the hell out of the drums.

Every song is a mini performance in itself, the hauntingly beautiful vocals from Jas fill the room with such spine tingling and goosebump inducing aplomb during the amazing If There’s Any Reason and the stunning Cry For Help.

Finishing the set with the epic Sound of Rain it’s not hard to understand why the band have received such great press for their What I Have Found Is Already Lost album. 

The set ends and the crowd and the guys have enjoyed themselves and the musical finesse of these guys is second to none and combined with the vocal dexterity of Jas it almost feels like you need to be paying double for this kind of quality.  This is how music should make you feel.

Next up on stage is the rock and blues, guitar wielding, hat wearing legend Jack J Hutchinson supported by the awesome duo of Laz and Felipe on bass and drums.

Seeing as it’s the ‘The Hammer Falls’ tour we are treated to selection of songs from the upcoming album which is due out early 2022.

Engaging with the crowd throughout, who are loving every minute of this theres even room for a bit of a singalong when the epic War Pigs makes an appearance in the set.

The set features not only new material but a fine selection of rock and blues mastery with the epic Sleep, Awake, Obey booming round the room like the monster of a track it is along with the likes of Justified and the heartfelt beauty of the track I Will Follow You.

Recent release Call Of The Wild makes an appearance along with upcoming release Straight To Hell but for me it was the behemoth of a track Down By The River that steals the show tonight, it’s a song worthy of the entry fee alone.

And then before we know it the night is over.  If you haven’t caught up with these two bands yet on the tour get in there quick.  Buy the albums and show them the support they deserve for providing such high-quality music and live performances.

I’m writing this review two days after the show while listening to both Jack and Firekind on Spotify and I’m still buzzing from the gig.  What a show.  Thankyou Jack J Hutchinson, Filipe, Laz, Jas, Dan and Mitch for making this such an epic show.

I’d also like to thank Wes at O’Neill PR for the chance to interview the Firekind guys on the day and for the chance to capture the whole show on camera.

And also a shout-out to the legend that is Johnny Dellar for all his hard work, what a great guy.




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