Gig Review – Simon McBride Trio @ Brickmakers Norwich 20th March 2022

So I had the chance to catch Simon McBride on tour at The Brickmakers in Norwich, performing with bassist Dave Marks and drummer Marty McCloskey.

To be a rock/blues artist nowadays you need to be a good singer and to be able to play an instrument to a high standard.  He can certainly sing and his guitar playing varies from the poetically gorgeous to the ridiculously finger blurring and awe inspiringly frantic opposite.

So far so good.  The next thing is you need to be able to put on a live performance to match the high quality.

The onstage rapport between Simon, Dave and Marty is something else, it’s like watching three incredibly talented mates effortlessly doing something that in all reality is what most of us can only dream about doing.  The performance from the trio is spot on and there’s chat, little jams and a couple of covers including The Kinks and Bryan Adams, though somewhat spicier, as Simon said ‘it’s a cross between them and Rage Against The Machine.’

The music tonight is a mix between some of his older tracks and some of his new stuff from his upcoming album ‘The Fighter’, due out on May 27th and the selection cannot be faulted in any way.  Some of the highlights have to be Show Me How To Love, Don’t Be A Fool, The Fighter and his latest more up beat rockier number High Stakes.

Sadly the current tour has now ended but if you can catch him live later in the year then please do so, you will not be disappointed.

Until then you can check him out via YouTube, Spotify etc and you can even purchase real physical versions of his music HERE.

If you are a guitarist you can also check out his Rockstar Club which he runs to help other guitarist learn and improve their playing.

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