Band merchandise is a important area of income for bands with reports suggesting that around 30% of a bands income can come from this area so we look at ways to maximise your income on this area.

If you have a few designs for merchandise why not offer a vote on your social accounts so fans can let you know what they prefer, your favourite design may not be their favourite so you can have an idea of what designs to get printed.

What to sell and what to sell it for:

Merchandise ItemAverage Price
A3 Poster£5.00
Beanie£10.00 – £15.00
CD Album£10.00
CD Single£3.00
CD EP£5.00 – £7.00
Hoodie (Pullover)£25.00 – £30.00
Hoodie (Zip)£25.00 – £35.00
Patch£5.00 – £8.00
Polo Shirt£25.00
Snapback Cap£15.00
Stickers£2.00 – £5.00
T-Shirt£15.00 – £20.00
Vinyl Album£20.00
Beanie & T-Shirt£25.00
CD, Vinyl & T-shirt£40.00
CD & Vinyl£30.00
CD & T-Shirt£18.00
Hoodie & Beanie£40.00
Prices based on averages on a number of websites

Where to sell it

Merchandise can be sold directly from your own website store using online shopping such as WooCommerce or similar or via a shopping platform such as BigCartel, Wix or Shopify depending on your budget.

At gigs where fans have come to see you and will be keen to snap up the latest t-shirt deisgn or an actual physical copy of an album. Don’t forget to sign a few albums as well. You will probably want a dedicated person selling merch at shows so you can concentrate on getting ready for the show, if possible you can always have the band on the merch stand after the set to encourage people to buy!

Things to do and things not to do

  • Don’t overprice.
  • Do offer special limited edition items in fixed quantities that can have a premium price.
  • Don’t think everything always has to be black!
  • Do send a thankyou compliment slip with all orders.
  • Do be prepared to accept card payments.
  • Do remember that some venues may request commission on merchandise sales.
  • Don’t buy huge stocks for your online store to have sitting around unless you are taking it to gigs to sell as well.
  • Do remember that you will often need a range of sizes from Small through to XL and even 5XL.
  • Do have a good range of products and prices to cater for all fans young and old.