Radio airplay can be a great way for a band to reach a new and wider audience but before you start sending your latest and greatest song to online and other radio stations you need to look at a few things first otherwise you could find that it’s unlikely your song will get played.

Preparing a song for the radio

The Radio Edit

Songs on the radio are not usually longer than 5 minutes in length so that 7 or 8 minute masterpiece will need a ‘Radio Edit’ to somehow shorten the length of the song to make it more commercially viable.

Examples of how songs can be truncated somewhat are given below:

  • Verses or choruses may be removed.
  • Lengthy musical intros may vanish.
  • Lengthy outros to a song may just reduced by fading the song out.
  • That 1 minute guitar solo may just have to go.
  • A song can be fully remixed making a radio edit noticably different from an album version.

Explicit Lyrics

Generally you will find that many radio stations will not play songs that contain expletives. Obvious options for this are to change words for a radio edit or the word is often just removed. So that fuck just has to go.


The subject matter of the song can cause problems to if there are such things as drug use references, sexual acts or nowadays generally anything that could cause someone offence…. The list is long and varied.


A radio station isn’t expecting a CD just to drop through their door or an e-mail containing an MP3 file with a ‘This is our new song, can you play it’ message.

Your song should come with a press release that will generally contain the following:

  • Your Band Name!
  • Your Song title!
  • A link to a prepared radio edit of your song.
  • Any artwork for the song (cd cover for example).
  • The info about you as a band and the song itself.
  • Social Media links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc).

A few online stations to get you started.

Rock Radio UK

Hard Rock Hell Radio