Photography can be benefical for a band for a number of different uses so below we look at the differing uses that you will find for photography as a band.

Music photography can be a range of prices depending on photographer, if location hire is required and length of time required for the shoot. At Excell Rocks we can offer shoots for ALL budgets including some pretty awesome premium locations. Just, you know hit the contact us page and get in touch.

EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

You will definately need one of these which includes info about you as a band, including pictures that give an idea of the look/image of your band as a whole. These are used for promotional purposes and will often be requested by promoters and festivals.

Gig Photography

Live shows are a major source of income and any pictures taken at live events can be used on your socials to offer fans a glimpse of what to expect at a show as well as for online blog reviews and magazine reviews. Many venues will also be happy to display images which can be advertising for both band and photographer.

Albums And Singles

Band portraits can be used as album covers or used for inlays as well as individual portraits.


A good band image can sell posters, even more so when signed.

Website And Social Media

You will definately need images for your website and social media accounts. These can include intimate backstage shots, live shots as well as band portraits.


Thinking of doing a band calendar well that’s another 12 pictures that you’ll need for that!