When you reach the point where the business side of the music is getting in the way of the music side of things then you could find that a specialist management company will be beneficial.

These guys will do all the negotiations for you and eek out opportunities for you without you even having to put down a drumstick or plectrum.

Band Management Companies

Iron Road Talent Management

Management, Talent Development, PR, Marketing & Tour Solutions. Specialising in guitar based music.



Polestar Music Management

Scottish Band Management and Music Consultancy, specialising in Rock & Metal – set up to help new and unsigned bands progress in the industry by offering help, advice and a professional approach.



TMR Band Management

Owner, Peter Keevil, spent years critiquing blues, rock & metal bands as a journalist. He then decided to stop writing about bands trying to break through and actually help some to do so.

In 2015, he set up TMR Band Services which then went on to become TMR Band Management, Consultancy & Services, to describe the breadth of experience, knowledge and skill that Peter offers.



Forge AMP

FORGE A.M.P. [ARTIST MANAGEMENT & PROMOTION] provide a fully holistic approach to providing original music artists and bands with the very best services, which will in turn, give the bands the best possible chance to reach levels of success that they desire.



RPM (Rock People Management)

UK based Artist Management, Label services and Events company specialising in the rock genre.



More being added all the time