At some point in your long and illustrious career you may find that you need to hand over PR duties to a company who specialise in doing just that.

Because of this we have gathered a list of PR companies who will do just that for you and give you more time to write and play music, because that’s what you do best.

PR Companies

Forged In Fire Promotions

Forged in Fire Promotions are Music Promoter and, event organisers and we work primarily in the Hard Rock / Alternative Rock / Hard Blues Rock / Country Rock / Alt Country Genres as well as representing one American Country Music Artist.


We are a multi-platform independent music PR company. We provide widespread printed press, online, TV, radio, and Spotify playlisting for bands with guitars.

O’Neill PR

PR and management that bridges the gap – rock, blues rock, indie rock…A ‘Jerry Maguire’ ethos is applied where we work closely together; fewer clients, more personal attention.

Bespoke Media PR

Bespoke Media PR works with upcoming Bands and Artists worldwide as well as fully established Artists gaining Radio, Press, Tour Coverage across the globe. Bespoke Media PR covers a range of different genres.

FATangel PR

FATangel PR offer a professional service handled in a relaxed manner. Working primarily with Self-Signed and independent bands already means we understand the need not to over-complicate things.

Preferring to work alongside the band on a personal level, any work is handled openly and transparently.

Rockstar PR

Affordable and bespoke public relations and social media consultancy service to emerging rock bands.

More being added all the time.