The music industry is a large and confusing place with a veritable plethora of different people all with their own special roles to nurture, guide and allow you to just do what you do best… play music.

Here’s a brief idea of who does what….

A & R

Or as it’s fully known Artists & Repertoire. These are the people who spend their time actively searching for new bands and are the ones who WANT to hear your music. You might also find them at gigs if they have heard good things about a band.

Artist Managers

These guys and girls will do all the tough negotiations for you, representing you and securing oppourtunities and running the business side of things while you concentrate on the music. Typically they will be paid a percentage of your overall earnings as a band for their hard work.

Booking Agents

Booking agents deal with the live events side of things and will sort out things such as tour dates, venues, securing slots at festivals or as support acts for other shows. Typically they will be paid a percentage of your earnings from live events.


The people who deal with the licensing of your music and delivering it to the likes os iTunes & Spotify and/or actual record shops.

PR Company

Your PR people will generally make sure that everyone who needs to know about your band, knows. They’ll secure interviews and let online blogs, press and radio know about your latest song, album or tour. They may also try to get airtime on the radio for your music.


A producer will work with you in the studio to help you to achieve the best sound possible for your music. They may offer varying levels of creative input with regard to song composition and arrangement depending on your requirements. They may be paid a fee or may be offered a percentage from record sales.


A promoters job is to work with bands and venues to put a show together. Once this is achieved they will promote this through ticket sales, gig posters, radio ads, tv ads and online ads taking into account what’s best for the show size.

They will look after soundchecks and make sure that sets start and finish on time and all money for the show is accounted for.


A music publisher will deal with making sure that you are paid should anyone wish to use your music in a commercial way such as advertising, film, tv or maybe if another artist wants to cover the song.

Record Label

Your record label will obviously release you singles and albums and will also spend money to ensure that your music is both marketed and promoted as it needs to be. Signing to a record label may mean that they will advance money to cover recording costs of an album or advance money to cover touring costs which can be reclaimed back via band income.

Royalties Collectors (PRS For Music, MCPS & PPL)

Royalties collectors do just that, they make sure that everytime your music is played in public, broadcast on radio or tv or used online that you are paid for it.