Playing a festival is not as unobtainable as it may sound as many festivals feature a large number of smaller acts who have the chance to reach new listeners.

Added to this many festivals will give interviews or bios of these smaller bands on their website or social media for extra exposure.

If you are ready to apply to play a festival make sure:

  • You have an up to date band bio which features all current members.
  • Have good photos in your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) that represent your image as a band.
  • Have all your social medias in order, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • You are all available to play any day during the festival.
  • Have good material to play.


Download Festival –

Ramblin Man Fair –

Reading & Leeds Festival – &

Call of The Wild Festival –

Wildfire Festival –

Winterstorm –

2000Trees Festival –

Heretic Fest –

Love Rocks –

SOS Fest –

Stonedead Festival –

Just Push Play Festival –

Breaking Bands Festival –

Cambridge Rock Festival –

Steelhouse Festival –

Most festivals have information on their websites for hopeful bands and selection can be made through votes, battle of the bands or a number of other ways.

DON’T expect to be selected for the bill and if you’re not there’s other festivals and the following year.

At The Festival

If you can have a few flyers made up and hand some around at the festival in plenty of time before your set, lots of people at festivals are in groups of friends so 1 flyer could bring half a dozen people to your set.

After your set hang around and chat with people, give out more flyers and be friendly. People remember these things and bad press will spread wider and quicker than good press.