Jamie Porter Band MMXXI Review

So I’ve been listening to the latest release from the Jamie Porter Band so let’s see what it’s all about.

The album is a great mix of hip swinging blues, rock and roll with the occasional southern tinged sound thrown into the pot.

Opening track Ready For Action gets you in the mood for what’s to come with it’s toe tapping guitars and great vocal delivery and is followed by the slow bluesy number I Can’t Stop Loving You.

Standout tracks on the album include the beautiful ballad Save Me which is delivered with some sublime guitar and equally awesome vocals.

Upbeat number Everything You Do is another awesome track and was perfect listening for a Sunday morning, coffee in hand, head nodding in approval.

Sound of The Summer is a guitar heavy, blues filled number that feels like it has to be heard live as does the southern bluesy track The Last Train.

Album closer Touch The Sky is another awesome track with glorious guitar mastery on display as well as beautifully delivered vocals and could possibly be one of if not the best song on the album.

If there’s an album that is perfect to be played on a lazy, chilled out Sunday morning then this is it.  Just straight up great music, well put together and full of cracking guitar riffs and mighty fine vocals to boot.

I’d certainly recommend checking out the album which is available to stream on the Jamie Porter Band website and also available to purchase in actual real physical form as well for the cracking price of £10!

At Excell Rocks we’re giving this a bluesy, toe tapping 8/10.


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